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Personal Insurance

Goddard Insurance offers competitive rates on auto, home, watercraft, life, and other personal insurance. Our goal is to give you the coverage that will protect you and your family from unforeseen circumstances. S. B. Goddard & Son uses select insurance carriers including The Andover Companies, One Beacon, Quincy Mutual and Travelers.

Home Owner's Insurance

We offer all types of homeowner's coverage including high value homes and special coverages for personal property such as jewelry, fine arts and collectibles.

Auto Insurance

We all know that accidents happen, but don’t let tragedy strike by not having the correct coverage on your automobile. Goddard Insurance offers very competitive rates on auto insurance and offers discounts for insuring more than one auto or having a combined auto/home policy with Goddard.

Marine Insurance

If being on the water is your passion, a life jacket isn't the only smart safety devise you should own. You should also purchase insurance for your boat, Jet Ski, or other marine vehicle.

Discounts are available if you enroll in boating safety courses, have protective devices on board like a depth finder, radar system, burglar alarm, or ship-to-shore radio.

Umbrella Policies

Most people assume their auto and/or home insurance policy would cover them if something bad were to occur, but that isn't always the case.

An umbrella policy is so named because it basically sits above your auto and home insurance policies and offers added protection if your auto and/or home liability insurance coverage isn't enough.